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  • Haircut

    A great haircut is as unique as the man who wears it.  It compliments his face and his personality.  A great haircut defines the man and it contributes to his style and professionalism.  With a great haircut a man will look great from the office, to the beach, to the gym, to the bedroom. We are experts in styles such as the flat top, high and tights as well as the hot lather razor fade, dark tapers, ceasars, or practically any cut you can imagine regardless of ethnicity. We also offer many of the popular trendy looks to help you to look your absolute best.

  • Shave

    A hot lather shave begins by trimming the existing facial hair.  Afterwards we apply hot shaving cream which conditions both the hair and skin.  This is done in order to help facilitate an even closer shave.  This is followed by a massage designed to relax the mind as well as invigorate and exfoliate the skin.  We then soften the area to be shaved by covering it with multiple hot towels for several minutes. We do this to aide in softening the beard and facilitate an even closer shave.  After completion of the first shave, we apply more hot lather and shave with and against the grain to complete a fresh and close shave based upon skin texture and condition. The shave ends with cleaning the skin with a fresh cold clean towel to help close the pours.  We then apply a facial moisturizer which is massaged into the face. Our hot lather shave is a 30 – 35 minutes process that you will find to be very relaxing.

  • Shoe Shine

    There are not many places where you can go today and get a good old fashioned shoe shine.  A shoe shine so brilliant that it restores the shoe.  That is what you will experience when you get your shoe shine at Maxamillions Gentlemens Quarters Barber Parlor.  We know how important it is that a true Gentlemen always looks his very best and at Maxamillions Gentlemens Quarters Barber Parlor we pay attention to every detail of your personal appearance.